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Who am I to be writing this?

My name’s Graeson. I’m a mindful posture and movement coach. I live happily with chronic neck pain that used to debilitate me, and that journey is why I care so much about this. As for my expertise, here’s my unique blend you won’t find anywhere else:

  1. I’m a nerd, with interdisciplinary graduate training in anthropology, functional anatomy, human development, neuroscience and education, plus I keep on top of the latest in movement and pain science. I can’t point to scientific references for everything I teach (because frankly the science isn’t there yet), but I keep things grounded in the real world, I steer clear of bullshit, and I say when I don’t know the answer to something.

  2. I’m a nationally certified Alexander Technique teacher. Alexander Technique is the best practical method of learning about your body and how to change habits, has been shown to be more effective than exercise or manual therapy at reducing some types of pain, and I spent three years learning how to teach it.

  3. I’ve worked with people across all walks of life. Basically any medical history you can think of, plus actors, dancers, athletes, musicians, singers, yogis, surgeons, office workers, telecommuters, kids, seniors, you name it. I’m a performer myself (improv!). I understand unique, individual needs, and also that as diverse as people are, we all have some fundamental ways we use and abuse our bodies in common. And I know how to apply this info and make it practical for anybody.

I love this stuff, and I know from my own experience with pain and from the hundreds of people I’ve worked with how important, how life-changing this is.

And because this newsletter is accessible to anyone, it’s a truly exciting project for me.

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Need more individualized help? I offer private coaching.

This newsletter is an amazing self-improvement, self-study tool, but sometimes there’s no substitute for individualized support, especially for those of us dealing with chronic pain or illness. I offer private online coaching as well as hands-on coaching in San Diego.

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Group subscriptions are available! I also offer employee wellness training for businesses. Drop me a line and let’s discuss the perfect support for your employees.